Simply Travel Tea Green Tea 20 cups
Simply Travel Tea Green Tea 20 cups
Simply Travel Tea Green Tea 20 cups
Simply Travel Tea Green Tea 20 cups
Simply Travel Tea Green Tea 20 cups

Simply Travel Tea Green Tea 20 cups

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Simply Travel Tea is the new way to drink tea.

Simply Travel Tea tea is a paper cup in which the tea is already integrated. The natural tea leaves are at the bottom of the cup, protected with a filter. Pour hot water into the cup, wait for it to cool and you can enjoy delicious tea! It's easy, simple and convenient. Never again have to wonder where to put that wet tea bag. And it is better for the environment!
The Simply Travel Tea cups are ideal for on the go. Think of camping, picnic, cycling and walking tours and in the car. All you need to bring is a pitcher of hot water. With this you always have fresh tea. You can refill one cup at least 3 times. The tea simply retains its delicious taste.

Sublime taste

• Only tea is used from our own plantations that are completely pesticide-free.
• Only whole, dried tea leaves are used. In addition, all other ingredients for the fruit and herbal teas are fresh and natural, so no flavor aromas are used as in all usual tea bags.
• When pouring, you no longer have the inconvenience of where do I leave the wet tea bag
• The tea is always at hand, no extra space required for the tea box and no extra items on tables or desks. Take a cup once and you're done.
• The tea cup is 100% plastic-free.
• In order not to participate in the deforestation of this earth, the cup is made of grass and reeds.
• The high temperature resistant inner layer is made of PLA from lactic acid, which is obtained from agricultural crops such as corn and sugar cane.
• The patented filter that holds the tea at the bottom of the cup is also made of dietary fiber.
• The printing on the cup is printed with eco-friendly ink.
• The packaging of the cups is made of kraft paper.
• The tea cup can be refilled up to 3 times, in contrast to the tea bags, which are no longer tasty after 1 use. This ensures less waste from loose tea bags and paper bags containing the tea bags.
• The cups are packaged clean, no human hands are involved. The cup that is removed from the packaging is therefore completely hygienic. Crockery has already been handled several times before it is finally used. When taking out the dishwasher, setting it in the kitchen, grab it again to use it. The Simply Travel Tea cup is taken straight out of the packaging and used cleanly.