Oops Bags Working in healthcare + general

Oops Bags Working in healthcare + general

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Oops bags are composite bags containing various sticker sheets that contain errors. 

What mistakes can you expect:

- Cutting errors. The cutting lines are not correct

- Color differences, the quality is not as it should be

- folding in the sticker sheets

- some stickers are missing on a sticker sheet

Most of the sticker sheets are good! So you can use 'almost' anything! 

These Oops Bags are therefore with a high discount! You can expect 20+ sticker sheets with more than 50% discount! 

Do NOT buy this Oops bag if the above points disturb you! 

The Oops Bags are good to see if the planner stickers are for you, because there is a big discount! 

It is a surprise what is inside. EACH Oops Bag is different! 

Returns NOT allowed!