About us


Introduce. My name is Liselotte, I am 23 years old and I started this sticker shop on June 6, 2019. I myself am a big fan of planning in a fun way and if the schedules look nice, I also get motivation to stick to the schedule. For this reason I also started this webshop. I was looking for nice stickers for my own schedules, but I couldn't find what I wanted and decided to make the stickers myself. With the thought that other people might also be looking for stickers, I made several items and put them online. 

I have now been able to make thousands of orders and there are more than 2000+ items online. Of course I didn't do all this alone. I have been working with my mother from the very beginning. She helps me make the stickers myself. In addition, I have two other colleagues with whom I cut all the stickers and make all the orders. 

For me this is already a dream come true. Helping people with beautiful and good plans. I also regularly get messages like: "The stickers have given me structure in my life and I really like to make plans and stick to them." These kind of posts do me so good and show me every time what I do it for. Of course I still have plenty of dreams and I would of course love to grow even more with my business. How nice would it be if I could ever get my to release your own planner and make stickers for it? 

I also have other hobbies in my spare time, of course, but I have to say I mainly fill my days with my work. I see this more as a hobby than a job. I have a dog Lola and she always comes with me to the office. She makes sure everyone gets through the day happily. I still live with Lola at my parents' house. I have to say I can't wait to have my own place someday, but sometimes you have to make choices when you start your own business.
I really like watching series and films (hence the collections based on films and series). 

If you want to get to know me a little better you can always ask questions on Instagram via DM. I really like the personal conversations. That way I can get to know you better!